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What am I doing here?

My wife and I recently watched an interesting documentary (not on NetxilF), titled ‘I’m Fine Thanks‘ where the documentarian, (W.O.D.) Grant Peelle vowed to follow his dream of making a movie, and the movie documented all these amazing people who did the same thing, they basically gave up the entire direction that their lives had taken and decided to pursue their real dreams, no matter the cost.

I would say it got me to thinking… but I have already been thinking for a very long time.

Just like so many guys my age, I feel in love with music in the early MTV days (in those days they actually had music on MTV), and it had always been my dream to make music my life. Unfortunately I made some poor decisions along the way that hindered that, and ended up getting caught up worrying about money, and stressing about being a worthy provider to my children, that I slowly dismissed the idea all together for the sake of being a responsible adult.

As a Dad, and husband, I think it’s more important for us to teach our children to ‘Go out and happen to things’ as Divinci would put it. I’d hate the thought of one of them losing sight of their dreams for the sake of being normal.

So, here I am, my dream forever has been to record and release a solid record with songs that I have written, and perform with fellow musicians that I admire and respect.

This album: ‘On Sin and Cynicism’ is to be released soon. It’s very close to being done. And it has a tremendous amount of meaning in it. There are few things that I have been this proud of. I’m just trying to figure out the next step. Will you help?

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4 Responses to “What am I doing here?”

  1. Candy says:

    We are proud of your success ! It’s hard to see the next step whenever you have other obligations and directions of responsibility . This type of Dream can continue , but you can’ t just focus on that one . There is no speed to this , it all takes time , and you have done wonderful in a short time , Continue Praying for Gods destination for you . He and only He has your answer . We Love you ! Your Hard efforts are seen ! You have a Great Support Team at your Side !

  2. Sally says:

    I’m proud of you. You were always a role model to me, and this is no different. Oh and I want a copy of your album. Signed. 🙂


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